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Superstar Magazine - John Campbell-Mac Interview

"My first role was as clumsy in Snow white and the 8 dwarves guess who was last in the line when the dwarves were being named" John Campbell-Mac Superstar Magazine

Superstar magazine john campbell-mac

Superstar: When did you first know you wanted to become an actor? What's your earliest memory of knowing this was the career path for you?

JCM: First wanting to be an actor now that's a tough one, I think I was born to do it, none of my family have been actors but my grandparents who brought me up were such larger than life characters I think it is them I get my need to perform from. Sadly they are no longer with us but I think I can honestly say they were the biggest characters I have ever met and believe me I have met a lot of people. My first role was as clumsy in Snow white and the 8 dwarves guess who was last in the line when the dwarves were being named ha ha. I remember running about and laughing a lot age around 7 and thinking 'yeah this is the life for me' he he not too much has changed since then.

Superstar: What projects have you been currently working on?

JCM: Lot's going on some I'm aloud to talk about some contractually I'm not. Just signed on for the feature 'Love is Elsewhere' playing the bad guy for the first time, great character called Jimmy Christmas small time robber but somehow like-able villain, currently shooting a short'Between the Lines' with the same director, we seem to have a good chemistry so looking forward to the feature. I'm working on a couple of projects with the uber talented Hollywood director James Van Alden, his last film 'A Numbers Game' starred stared Steven Bauer (Scarface) and Ken Howard (Rambo). Can't say too much about this except that James is a true artist, knows exactly what he wants and has an incredible eye, in fact for some of his work see  Just landed a leading role in a new TV Pilot called 'Broke as a Joke', playing a hippy owner of a mixed eclectic household, currently growing a beard for it, itchy as hell very funny script and different from anything I have done before. Also just did an episode of a 1000 ways to die for Spike TV played a bar room brawler in a crazy bar room brawl, did all my own stunts was a fun few days. Also LA Paranormal has it’s official world premiere at the 2011 Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema (Jan. 10 - 15) in California. If you love mock-documentaries, improv, and ghost hunting, then you'll love this movie. I play John London English playboy psychic with the ghost hunting worlds leading paranormal investigators LA Paranormal. When John London is not chasing ghosts he is chasing women often with comic consequence The film is literally a scream from start to finish with the whole movie being shot improv style with no scripted dialogue in the vain of ‘This is Spinal Tap’. Incredibly talented comedy cast that had me and the crew in stitches from start to finish directed by John Gonzales. 

Superstar: What advice would you give to British Actors wanting to make it in Hollywood in 2011?

JCM: Come with patience, perseverance and a very thick skin ha ha.  There is undoubtedly a lot more opportunity in Hollywood, there is so much more going on and incredibly talented filmmakers here. But certainly not easy as there are also incredibly talented actors here and plenty of them all trying to too fulfill their

dreams and fighting for the next job. Best advice I could give is making sure you really are very well prepared. Make sure you have a good online presence and website that displays your CV (resume), latest pictures and most important up to date reel of your work. Make sure your pictures are great and in colour as this is your biggest selling tool. The statistics of how many actors are here i

s staggering, the whole world is trying to make it in Hollywood there are literally hundreds if not thousands of submissions for every character in every project so don't do yourself a dis-service by not having your house in order when the casting director has so much choice. A good American accent will also make you so much more cast-able in far more jobs so get practicing NOW!

Superstar: If an actor forgets their lines, forgets a prop or the choreography what's the best thing to do!?

JCM: A lot of what I do has an improv nature and in my experience the director will soon yell cut if he is not happy with what you are doing. So my advice is just carry on until someone yells cut, you never know you might just discover some magic that finds it’s way into the film.

Superstar: Besides being able to act! What other skills are useful for aspiring actors and actresses?

JCM: Patience, perseverance ... ha ha good social skills because you never know who you might bump into tomorrow. Good PR skills because you really are a commodity in the workspace and as said who knows whom you might next be chatting with in the line for the toilet ha ha. Good computer skills in today's market can only help as well, with social networking it seems people are much more accessible nowadays so if you can keep your web presence out there you never know who might hit you up on Spacebook, Myface or or one of the others. Lastly you know it's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice, some people take themselves far to seriously in this business, so what ever level you climb to try to remember that.

Superstar: I've read that you were a professional boxer prior to your acting work and you've trained in martial arts such as Muay Thai and Karate! How has this helped you in your career?
john Campbell-Mac BoxingJCM: It's been great because it's given me the opportunity to use skills I have developed over years to open up more roles, there are so many people acting that casting directors today aren’t even looking for someone who can pass as a boxer or martial artist because they can put an ad out for the real thing and have hundreds of people turn up for an audition tomorrow. So the more skills you have to offer the more casting opportunities become available plus what a fun way to spend your time. I'm currently training in Taekwondo with the legendary Grand master Byung Yui, he's 75 years young and is fitter than me.

Superstar: You've had featured roles in both British and American films. How does the competition between actors compare between Hollywood and London?

JCM: Competition is fierce make no mistake about that whether you are in London or Hollywood. There is no shortage of talent in Hollywood and British training is respected the world over for our actors and our crews. Interesting fact in the US people continue to train no matter how famous they are, even well know A listers here continue training between movies so my advice is find a teacher who's approach you particularly find useful and respect and continue to master your craft. 

Superstar: What role would you love to play that you haven't yet?

JCM: I'm currently reading a script called 'Deserter' about a gulf war veteran who comes home to fight a war right on his door step. It's really great writing by respected Hollywood scriptwriter Randall Fontana; it's a great role, which I'm hoping to play. I'm also a great fan of Guy Ritchie’s work from Lock Stock and Snatch to the more recent Sherlock Holmes and Rock n Roller so Guy if your reading this please give me a bell and lets get your people to talk to my people SOON!

Superstar: Favourite Actor/Actress of all time?

JCM: You know there are so many amazing actors out there and I'm very proud to say many of them are British from Ben Kingsley to Anthony Hopkins and Gary Oldman to Daniel Day Lewis. Also Marlon Brando to Denzel Washington and Robert Deniro to Al Pacinoe not forgetting short answer too many to mention

Superstar: Tell us one interesting fact that not many people know about you!?

JCM: Chico and me sang in a band together for 5 years called Machico. We recorded about 20 songs that we wrote, had a production deal and was very nearly signed. It was always Chico's dream to be a singer long before X Factor I remember him saying to me 'come on Bro we can be pop stars, I'll sing and you can dance about a bit' I said to him 'Erm OK guess it will be easier to step across to the acting then funny thinking about it now guess I always knew where my aspirations really lay.
John Campbell-Mac "Chico Slimani" Machico
Superstar: What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given by a casting director?

JCM: Never be too desperate as it is such an unappealing quality. Also remember that you are unique, not special, unique - great advice to live by.

Superstar: Upcoming projects? Big aims for 2011?

JCM: The project I'm most excited about right now is 'Hit The Big Time' which was shot in London, Hollywood, Las Vegas and Utah. Finally released as a web series this really will make you howl with laughter over 8 webisodes starting from January 1st, you can tune in and catch up with all and any missed webisodes at
Myself and one of my best friends Jason Lee Hyde play bungling British Hitmen Cooper and Crouch, Jason is hilarious, super talented and we had a lot of fun every day shooting this project, it was kinder like dumb and dumber meets Lock Stock and two Smoking Barrels really side splitting stuff. The storey line well….When a hit goes disastrously wrong we flee London, realizing we are not really cut out for bumping people off we head to Hollywood to pitch our life stories and make it big in the movies.

Well we get laughed out of every studio then get caught up in this crazy hit that takes us all over America you know what you'll have to watch it for yourself to see what happens, I've probably said too much already but this is only where the fun really starts. Hopefully on the back of the success of the web series we will then shoot the project as afeature film, we already have a brilliant script on the scale

of Blue Brothers so fingers crossed there.

Aims? Well long term for the whole world to kn"John Campbell-Mac" Hit the big timeow my name of course and when they speak it for it to bring a smile to there face ha ha yeah I would like that.

Short-term lot's going on for 2011, recently was working with talented director / actor Rydell Danzie. He directed a couple of episodes of Futch Tube that is currently in post 

production. He has written and is directing the feature film Crossroads filming February through March, I have a role in that which I can't say too much about right now but the project is great so look out for it.

​By Eve-Yasmine Saoud-Easton