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John Campbell-Mac Press release July 2012


John Campbell-Mac Press Release July 2012:


John Campbell-Mac is enjoying the American Revolution.

"John Campbell-Mac" Courage, new hampshire

We are proud to announce that John Campbell-Mac has joined the cast of Courage, New Hampshire. The producers Colony Bay are just finalizing pre-production on Episode 4 ‘Ambition’ and will commence principle photography from July 2012. Taken from the producers website a little about the show…

The great American experiment is being celebrated in the farm country of Oak Glen, California, where a new kind of film company, Colony Bay Productions, is bringing us all back to the gloriously ancient New World in their flagship series, Courage, New Hampshire.  It's the tale of a shire town on the western border of New Hampshire in the years prior to the Revolutionary War, when the sons of liberty carried out frontier justice in a struggle against royal tyranny.

John Campbell-Mac Ambition

JC played The Carpenter in TV pilot ‘Broke as a Joke’ with director Aaron Pugliese, describing this as a side splitting new age American take on ‘The Young Ones’. It’s having a Hollywood screening on Tuesday July 10th 2012 for details see

‘L.A Paranormal’ has been developed into a TV series by director John Gonzales and can be viewed at

JC is very proud of the totally improv nature of 'LA Paranormal' in which he stars as playboy psychic John London. The show was shot with no scripted dialogue in the style of 'This is Spinal Tap' and relied heavily on the skills of the lead actors.

John is currently working with respected Hollywood director James Van Alden.

JC is playing the lead role of Charles Burn representation to the stars in 'Star Power' a very Hollywood story. For a taste of things to come see .

JC describes James as a true visionary genius and tells me he's really enjoying working with him. James last film ‘A Numbers Game’ starred Steven Bauer (Scarface) and Ken Howard (Rambo) was released in 24 countries world wide is a great piece of work and is available on Netflix and Blockbuster with this new project looking to be even better.

For all info on JC Mac including resume, pictures and reels please see his new updated website and for all bookings please contact his representation or publicist Maryena Taylor at for all press enquires.