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New Interview John Campbell-Mac talks to Frost Magazine about winning a Toscar, working with Ron Jeremy, British Hustle and Chico's best man speech

Wedding dance "John Campbell-Mac"

John at his magical wedding

Interview with Frost Magazine about Hollywood's premiere comedy event The Toscars, working with Ron Jeremy on the hysterical British Hustle and getting roasted by a Muppet at his wedding!

John Campbell-Mac wins best supporting actor at The Toscars

At a really fun star studded event at Hollywood's Egyptian theater John Campbell-Mac won best Supporting Whactor for his role of Inspector Bradley Pooper in British Hustle


 Winning best supporting actor "John Campbell-Mac"

Winning Toscar "John Campbell-Mac"

The British Weekly and "John Campbell-Mac"

John Campbell-Mac featured in 'The British Weekly'

John Campbell-Mac featured in The British weekly, read the full article here 

Reap Media-zine - An Interview with actor John Campbell-Mac

John Campbell-Mac Reap magazine

Read the full Interview at Reap Media-zine - The Brit, the Boxer, the Lost Boy an interview with actor John Campbell-Mac

John Campbell-Mac featured in Talk TV World

John Campbell-Mac featured in Talk TV World, see link to read the article

John Campbell-Mac Press release July 2012


John Campbell-Mac Press Release July 2012:


John Campbell-Mac is enjoying the American Revolution.

"John Campbell-Mac" Courage, new hampshire

Superstar Magazine - John Campbell-Mac Interview

"My first role was as clumsy in Snow white and the 8 dwarves guess who was last in the line when the dwarves were being named" John Campbell-Mac Superstar Magazine

Superstar magazine john campbell-mac

Frost Magazine - John Campbell-Mac Interview

"Hollywood is a tough nut to crack, it's naive to come here and think your going to make it overnight" John Campbell-Mac Frost Magazine

John Campbell-Mac tough guy