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Courage, New Hampshire, Euro Football 2012, weather hot, hot, hot John Campbell-Mac blog June 24 2012


So summer is definitely here and LA is hot-ting up in more ways than one. Seem to be a lot more projects being cast right now judging by how many more casting opportunities I have had, and the weather? Well you just gotta love it, sun, sun and more sun which reminds me where did I leave my flip flops ? ha ha

Courage, New Hampshire

Bounty hunters, BAFTA, Chico at Buckingham Palace and the Queens Jubilee John Campbell-Mac Blog June 4 2012



Had some good industry meetings this week, auditions seem to be picking up after the odd lull that seems to happen after pilot season.

New bounty hunter project

I just signed on for a Bounty hunter project, can’t say too much except there’s two bounty hunters and one of them is British! So I’m gonna let you work it out ha ha, some great talent involved so looking forward to this one.

Bai Ling, TMZ, Will Smith and Golf John Campbell-Mac Blog

Been an interesting couple of weeks, starting to get real hot in LA (literally) and in more way’s than one and no complaints here.

Kill point

I have been working on the gangster feature film Kill point and have been fortunate enough to work with a great cast and crew.

John Campbell-Mac Blog, Las Vegas, Interview and Dancing on Ice May 6 2012

A week later than I intended but got a bit way laid in Las Vegas last week so please forgive me, Vegas what a crazy place, all things good and all things bad all at the same time, I find myself caught between loving and loathing the place – funny but getting ahead of myself…

​A blast from the past

John Campbell-Mac's Blog April 16 2012


OK blog number 2 where do I begin…

Well it’s been an interesting couple of weeks, trying to work around unpacking and getting settled into the new house but now pretty much there. Been a whole lot of visiting D.I.Y shops, hanging pictures, putting up shelves and all things house related, phew it’s been emotional, but fun, one minute I’m banging a nail with a hammer, or organizing contractors the next I’m running for an audition ha ha Meatballs is making new friends here she is with Remy Martin and Stephanie

Monday April 2nd

This is my first attempt at a blog so guess I’ll just tell you about what I’m currently up to. I recently moved house so a little upside down so bare with me. Also today is my brothers birthday, he's 41 years young and not a day over fabulous so happy birthday Chico. I know your having a great day with the family and hope your not working too hard after the incredible series you had making it to the final of Dancing on Ice, congrats again you are an inspiration.