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Visible Scars, Cinderella, London Wedding, Family and almost Christmas John Campbell-Mac blog Dec 24 2012


'John Campbell-Mac' 'chico Slimani'

Chico in Panto

I find myself in Swansea writing this blog from my brothers apartment he has rented for his run in the pantomime Cinderella, he is Prince Charming! Perfect casting and too much fun.It’s been too long since my last blog so lets not get ahead of myself.

Visible Scars wins best feature

I attended the premiere of Visible Scars at the Shockfest film festival. The film screened at Raleigh studio’s in Hollywood, the last time I was there was to watch Hit The Big Time, great place and loving the nostalgia. Congratulations to producer Josh Todd and director Richard Turk. The film won the Best Picture Award, I know these guys worked so hard to finish it, a job well done I know I had fun working on it. The film had many other nominations including best actor for Tom Sizemore and Jillian Murry and the cast so congrats to casting director Andrea Rueda.

Thanks Giving

What a great tradition a day to give thanks for the good things in your life can’t help loving that. Also love that I was invited to two separate thanks giving dinners, early and late let’s just say I was absolutely stuffed.

London Calling

Nice to be back in London for a minute, (although I’m definitely not here for the weather) had a few meetings for an upcoming movie it looks like I’ll be filming there. We shot a couple of scene’s as a test and I had the pleasure of working with two of my uber talented friends Tony Fordham and Victoria Hopkins, great work guys I’m looking forward to seeing the end result.

'John Campbell-Mac' chico Slimani'

Best wedding Ever!

I had the honor of being the best man at my friend Justin’s wedding along with my close friend Darren Paul. He did such an amazing job organizing the stag weekend in Ireland (which I sadly missed) and just about everything else so seemed only fair that I should give the speech. As I was about to get up I heard someone say ‘Justin’s actor friend flew in from L.A, he’s supposed to be really funny, people are taking bets on how long he is going to do’. So no pressure on my part, I took a deep breath and with the help of Darren who was prop master with all that we had prepared, blow up sheep, posters, embarrassing video footage, etc 25 minutes later people were still laughing. Congrats Jackie and Justin it really was an incredible occasion in an amazing place attended by the best people (honest) and the details these guys went to was just amazing, the bride had list’s for her list’s you should have seen the one she gave us! Ha Ha.

'John Campbell-Mac'

Christmas Eve

 So I write this on Christmas Eve, I’m about to have Christmas with family and close friends and couldn’t wish to be celebrating the holidays in a better way or spot. Where ever you are and what ever your doing I hope your having family fun with your loved ones because I think this is really what it’s all about.

'John Campbell-Mac' Zac, Lalla

This weeks quote ‘Oi pass the turkey' ha ha Wishing one and all a very cool Yule.