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Vegas, Werewolves, Awards night and Sugar Ray Leonard John Campbell-Mac blog Oct 27 2012



John Campbell-Mac Heller awards

Las Vegas

Wow seems like an age since my last blog, it’s been a crazy busy period not sure where to begin. Spent some time with a very close friend who chose to spend her birthday in Las Vegas. Quality time catching up with a quality lady, even managed to fit in some white tigers, dolphins and a roller coaster!

Heller awards

Had a fun night at the Heller awards with good friends Charlie and Kate of Raynor and Associates. It was nice to see the people who makes things happen on the other side of the camera get some credit. Nice to see so many hard working casting directors, managers and agents have an evening dedicated to them and to see them let their hair down, seems they are human after all ha ha, only kidding.

Sugar Ray Leonard

Got to work with a childhood hero, Sugar Ray Leonard and got to meet Jack and Sugar Shane Mosley, the whole experience was very sweet ha ha. It was a K.O Cancer charity 2 day boxing event in Pomona.

"Sugar Ray Leonard" and "John Campbell-Mac"I was part of a documentary titled Conversations with fight trainers and action actors. I had the pleasure of choreographing and getting my butt kicked by the very talented stunt woman Melissa Tracy as part of a stunt fighting demonstration which the live audience seemed to appreciate. I presented Sugar Ray with an amazing portrait that was painted by artist and friend John Barge 111, Ray was absolutely blown away and loved the painting. Jack Mosely what a character did a Q and A session with him, great energy we talked film a little, I have a boxing movie project in the pipeline so watch this space!   

"John Campbell-Mac and "Melissa Tracy"

"Jack Mosley" and "John Campbell-Mac"

"John Campbell-Mac" Conversations with fight trainers and action actors.

Werewolf Movie Trailer

I teamed up again with the producers of Meaning who’s next project is a Werewolf movie. Can’t say to much about it at this stage but we shot a teaser trailer that will be available online soon, details to follow.

This weeks quote 'If you don't like something in your life change it, If you can't change it, change the way you think about it' It's all only in your own perspective, ha ha see ya