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Re-acclimation, Wordsmith Jill, Christmas, Skydiving and The Toscars John Campbell-Mac blog January 2014

So as I write my first blog of 2014 don’t ask me why but it feels like it is going to be a very big year. So winding down 2013 I had a very positive meeting with my good friend and talented writer / director Calen Moore . I read an early draft of he’s feature screenplay ‘Re-acclimation’. I was blown away and signed on for the lead role of Brandon Cross. So picture this, a futuristic post apocalyptic world where… hold on a minute I promised him I wouldn’t say too much so you will just have to watch this space.

Wordsmith Jill Demby-Guest 

Speaking of talented people another good friend of mine, the lovely Jill Demby-Guest introduced me to the wonderful world of storey telling evenings. I watched her perform a story taken from her life at Sit and Spin at the Hudson theatre in Hollywood entitled ‘I was addicted to an addict’. It was brilliant, some parts made you laugh, others made you sad. Jill is a wizard with words and the whole evening was incredibly entertaining. I would describe it as intellectual stand up with heart where the performer sincerely shares often intimate stories from their life.


So Christmas party season is a crazy time in Hollywood which leads into an even crazier time being awards season. Lots of industry parties it’s always fun seeing familiar faces perhaps have that one or ten drinks to many (me included). I’m not gonna name and shame anybody, just suffice to say ‘You know who you are’. I spent Christmas at a close friends family party and truly experienced a traditional American Christmas, loved it and to be honest was nice to escape Hollywood.

The new year

What was I saying about positive? My first appointment of the new year was disputing my car being impounded at a hearing with the City (very glamorous). Then I sprained my ankle jumping rope while working out. Then ironically had to miss an audition for a commercial as a boxer. I then had a bout of the man flu that seems to be going around and was then feeling very sorry for myself. I consulted with a homeopathic doctor who thankfully got me back on my feet in time for my birthday. Still have a great feeling about this year though.

John Campbell-Mac Skydive

Birthday Sky Dive

What a great day started with Sky diving at Lake Elsenore. Stephanie was nervous but faced her fears it really was too cool. The moment just before you jump is really quite something then weeey heeeey. From sky diving to belly filling we had a nice Chinese buffet before we headed back to LA. We then chillaxed with a Swedish hot stone massage before dinner with friends, who could ask for more.

The Toscars

The celebration continued into the weekend, also on my birthday was the draw for The Toscars. For the uninitiated The Toscars are organized by ‘Brits in LA’. It’s a super fun film making competition that culminates in a grand red carpet award ceremony at The Egyptian theatre in Hollywood, this year on February 26th 2014. When the American Academy announce the top 10 films nominated for this years best picture at the Oscars, the Toscars teams make 5 minute parodies of the films.  It’s an event I have always meant to do but never participated in before as I have always had a scheduling conflict or something. Well this year I threw my name into the hat and was drawn out to be part of the British Hustle (spoof of American Hustle) team. Directed by none other than last years winner Sandro Monetti who won with Miserable Lesbians (parody of Les Miserables)last year. Another friend of mine Marina Paganucci who is producing and was in last years winning team promptly informed me that I was lucky to be on the dream team ha ha, and indeed I am couldn't have a better team or be working on a better film this is gonna be a laugth a minute. There is a wealth of talent on our and all the teams so if your in Hollywood on Feb 26th and fancy a good laugh this is an event you won't want to miss.

So this weeks quote 'Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity'.