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New magazine interview, Catching up with old friends, Life and Death and 3 pints of beer John Campbell-Mac Blog April 7th


"John Campbell-Mac Magazine cover"

New Interview

What an interesting month in this crazy thing we call life. I did an interview for The Scene magazine that came out in March, even bagged the front cover. Here is how it opened,

He was abandoned by his parents at birth, rescued from a children’s home by his grandparents and is now living in Hollywood, starring in films and TV shows. You can read the whole interview in the press section of this website and pics below. Was funny talking about my beginnings and amazing how it can stir up some old emotions. My old mum would have been 100 years old in March if she was still alive. God rest her soul she loved me as much as she loved life itself.

"John Campbell-Mac Interview"

The loss of a dear friend.

I’m sorry to say a good friend of mine Peter, passed away on March 25th . He finally lost his battle with ALS and Lime disease. At his funeral service one of his friends said ‘He was a giant among men’ which really struck a cord with me. He truly was, I never heard him complain once, although he was battling such a crippling condition. I never saw him in a bad mood, ever although he was fighting this horrible muscle wasting sickness and he had so much to live for. Truly an inspiration to us all, It’s so easy to lose sight of what’s really important here in Hollywood. If the only problem I have to face is did I book this acting job or wow can’t believe I didn’t get an audition for that , then that really is laughable because that is not a real problem at all.   


Old friends

Had a few of my old fitness pro friends from the UK breeze into California for a week or so. They were here attending a fitness seminar and had one night in Beverly hills to let off some steam. Really cool catching up with them and we had a great meal down at BOA on Sunset and laughed into the early hours. Great to see ya, lads, same time next year ha ha.


Have my ever fun crazy sister Skye visiting right now. She is based in Thailand and I have had so many adventures with her all around the world. Nice to add L.A as the next party destination together. Chico’s birthday also came and went, he is busy right now touring with ‘The Osmonds’ in ‘Boogie Nights’ as well as part of ‘Celebrities on Ice’. The life of a showman will catch up with him later in the year.

Three Pints of Beer

Finally something to make you smile. Another old friend director Duncan Thomson was in town briefly. We got to catch up and reminisce about some of the projects we have worked on together. One of them being a short film that won a few awards, 'Three Pints of Beer'. Just a short comedy but the funniest thing was the actor who was playing our barmen in this sketch never turned up on the day. So Duncan who was directing had to step up to the plate and fill in. No mean feat for someone who prefers to be the other side of the camera especially while directing! Anyway I think you will all agree he did a great job so for your viewing pleasure please see

'John Campbell-Mac 3 pints of beer'

Friendship seems to be a theme in this months blog so this weeks quote is from Muhammad Ali  ‘Friendship… is not something you learn in school. But If you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything'. I think it says it all.