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New Beginnings, The Bouncer, New Representation, James Van Alden and Dave Legano John Campbell-Mac blog July 2014

James Van Alden "John Campbell-Mac"

Greetings from a very hot Los Angeles on this summers day, birds are singing, the sun is shining did I mention it was HOT! So the whirlwind continues this year so far has been a flyer. 

Green Card and commercials

So finally Stephanie and I were approved for our Green Cards, I can’t tell you what a good feeling that was. Anyone that has been through the stress that is immigration will understand and anyone going through it you have my sympathy. I already had a working visa but was still classed as a non resident which has many restrictions. It’s like your living your life day to day in limbo and praying that the rug is not going to be pulled from under you. I’m happy to say that is now behind us and many thanks to my immigration lawyer Kate Raynor and the team at Raynor and Associates for a job well done. I had a lot of fun with these guys also making a couple of commercials which I think will make you smile, take a look here

New representation

So many new beginnings, wife, green card what was missing? new representation. So after a series of meetings with various managers and agents I’m happy to say I have just signed with The KOR Talent Agency. Excited to be working with Ellie, Roxanne and the dynamic duo Ehab and Isam, think it’s going to be a very good year.

John Barge 111 "John Campbell-Mac"

The Bouncer

First new project I’ve been working on is a feature film called The Bouncer. I can’t say too much about it at the moment but here is a taste of some of the concept art and the brief synopsis from IMDB. ‘The Bouncer tells the story of Danny Martin a reluctant one man fighting machine tasked with cleaning up the roughest night spot in town without getting himself killed in the process’.

James Val Alden "John Campbell-Mac"

James Van Alden photo shoot

So with so many new beginnings I thought it only fitting to get some new pictures. I’m very lucky to have friends like the genius that is James Van Alden to call on to help me out. Here’s a first look of some pics from the shoot. Still currently editing so more to come next time.

Dave Legeno

On a not so positive note I was sorry to hear of the death of Dave Legeno. I worked with Dave on the gangster film Hell To Pay 10 years ago and we had some fun in Cannes promoting the project. He’s most well know work was playing the werewolf Fenrir Greybabck in the Harry Potter movies. A real gent and genuine tough guy Dave was a seasoned MMA fighter but thoughts and prayers go out to his family.


This weeks quote ‘Every day is a new beginning, take a breath and start again’.