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Monday April 2nd

This is my first attempt at a blog so guess I’ll just tell you about what I’m currently up to. I recently moved house so a little upside down so bare with me. Also today is my brothers birthday, he's 41 years young and not a day over fabulous so happy birthday Chico. I know your having a great day with the family and hope your not working too hard after the incredible series you had making it to the final of Dancing on Ice, congrats again you are an inspiration.

Chico Dancing on Ice John Campbell-Mac

 I’m currently working on a series of commercials for an advertising campaign currently playing in the USA for leading immigration lawyers Raynor and Associates.We had a lot of fun working on these and I’m hoping they will put a smile on your face. The theme is my character tries countless wrong ways to sneak across the US border before finding the right way into America is through Raynor and Associates.

John Campbell-Mac Raynor and Associates Border Patrol immigration Commercial 1
The whole campaign is directed by experienced film director Jonathan Lawrence and created by Timeless Entertainment. Jonathan is an absolute pleasure to work with; a solid pro that I think has done an outstanding job, we have more projects planned for the future.  I also got the chance to work with Clark Moore who is a very talented actor and the very funny coyote character Charlie Zvulan. We have shot the first two commercials that can be viewed below, more to follow…

The first commercial ‘Border Patrol’

John Campbell-Mac Border Shock Raynor and Associates Immigration commercial

The second commercial ‘Border Shock’

From here on I intend to write a bi-weekly blog of a British actors adventures in Hollywood and beyond, so until next week…