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Meaning, A.F.M, New Courage Trailer for P.B.S, American Werewolf with Salmon and Skyfall John Campbell-Mac Blog Nov 18 2012



Attended the American Film Market in Santa Monica to help promote the crime thriller Meaning. Congratulations to director Gregory Rhodes for finishing the film and getting it represented. The A.F.M is a once yearly event where the buyers and sellers of the movie industry gather to literally buy and sell films. From different countries and markets from all over the world buying for theatrical release, DVD, video on demand and everything in between, funny being in a room with so many producers and industry folks, fingers crossed for Greg I enjoyed working on the film.   

Courage, New Hampshire on P.B.S

Courage, New Hampshire has been picked up by P.B.S, below is a statement from producers Colony Bay. Here’s a link to the new series trailer, really a phenomenal job

We are extremely excited to announce that Courage, New Hampshire will make its television broadcast debut on PBS this December.
Kicking off the Christmas holiday, the 4-night miniseries is scheduled to air in the 8pm slot on December 18, 19, 20 and 21 on PBS affiliate KVCR in Southern California. 
With a broadcast signal covering Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange counties, KVCR reaches millions of Southern Californians and is also carried on Dish Network and DirectTV.
As exciting as this is, it's really only the beginning. After its Southern California debut, KVCR will then offer the series to all PBS affiliates for re-broadcast and syndication in 2013. Stay tuned! Courage is on the way!

Salmon Fishing in Folsom

Had some down time so was lucky enough to fit in some fishing with a close friend, jumped on a plane to Sacramento then headed to Folsom. King salmon were our target, want an incredible experience to catch some of these hard fighting fish on their return back to their spawning grounds from the ocean. They certainly didn’t disappoint, were great eating and we caught them on a bare hook with a plastic bead but that’s another story.

An American Werewolf in Tokyo

The producers of Meaning are now working on a werewolf movie. They have finished production on their teaser trailer which you can view here

I had a lot of fun with this role playing a geeky professor who advises the main character.  


Had a chance to see the new James Bond film Skyfall. Great movie thought the producers have done an incredible job and Daniel Craig is brilliant as Bond. Perfect way to mark the 50th year of the franchise and even better got to see a friend of mine get his ass kicked by Bond. I’ve have had the pleasure of working with top industry stunt man Jason Hunjan on many occasions, and remember him doing he’s training to get on the stunt register many years ago. He’s worked on all the recent Bond films and probably most of the other action movies you have seen of late, well done mate great stuff I’m a fan and looking forward to working with you again soon.

This weeks quote 'It's not how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get back up' stay focused peeps until next time.