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M8, Christmas, Pilot season and President Obama John Campbell-Mac blog Jan 22 2013


"John Campbell-Mac" M8 film poster

The First blog of 2013 and what a great year it looks set to be. The Mayan end of the world didn’t happen but the end of their 5,125 year cycle did as we enter a new age predicted to be great for humanity. Well I believe them, my first news of 2013 was confirmation of playing the lead role in the gambling addiction movie M8. We’ve already done a couple of test shoots and I think this will be a great project. I enjoyed 2012 but for some unknown reason have a feeling of great expectation for 2013, like ‘you got this, everything is gonna turn out alright’ so we will see.


Had a great family Christmas back in the UK, my mother in law was very understanding when I turned up with 5 of my friends for dinner and the festivities and I have to say a wonderful time was had by all. Brilliant catching up with family and friends and good to fly home to L.A just before New Year. Funny I never imagined I would think of flying back to L.A as home, I love London but was looking forward to returning to the sunshine after 18 days of non stop rain. Landed in L.A brrr freezing and raining wow how did that happen, seemed only the geography had changed. L.A was experiencing a really cold snap, that can happen here, who knew? My house was freezing household stuff seemed to keep malfunctioning nothing was working and I started sneezing Flu welcome home!

Pilot Season

Well pilot season seems to be upon us, it’s that time of the year when all of the networks cast a lot of their new pilot episodes for their new series for the coming year. It can be a stressful time for actors and the industry as a whole but here is a great description from a producer friend of mine.

‘Casting a pilot is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. The casting director has to find the right actors that will fit together to create the right picture, will this person look good next to that person, will he or she choke working opposite this A list actor etc, etc, etc’

Brilliant, made me feel better so any of my actor friends reading this who maybe won’t book a pilot this season hey it’s not that we were bad just maybe someone else just fitted into the picture better. But like I said at the start of this blog, things feel good so we shall see.

Chunky Monkey and Courage New Hampshire

Introducing Chunky Monkey, a new addition to the family. My wife fell in love with him the minute she saw him so we rescued him from Burbank animal shelter. He looks a bit of a bruiser but believe me he is a real cutie and more importantly Stephanie love him. Another cool event to add to your calendar for January is Courage New Hampshire is airing on P.B.S affiliate KVCR so please look out for me as militia captain Daniel Cressy in late January.

Had a birthday think I am now officially middle aged, celebrated with close friends, still recovering from the flu so apart from the odd audition I have been taking it pretty easy.

President Obama’s Inauguration

Yesterday I watched President Obama’s inauguration on the TV. What an incredible event, I think very cool to fall on Martin Luther King Day with over a million people in attendance amazing. Beyonce singing the national anthem I thought was a great performance and a highlight to what looked like a great day.

So back to my good feeling of anticipation for this year I’ll leave you with this