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John Campbell-Mac's Blog April 16 2012


OK blog number 2 where do I begin…

Well it’s been an interesting couple of weeks, trying to work around unpacking and getting settled into the new house but now pretty much there. Been a whole lot of visiting D.I.Y shops, hanging pictures, putting up shelves and all things house related, phew it’s been emotional, but fun, one minute I’m banging a nail with a hammer, or organizing contractors the next I’m running for an audition ha ha Meatballs is making new friends here she is with Remy Martin and Stephanie

John Campbell-Mac meattballs Stephanie Remy Martin

So I have been approached by Mr Anthony Thomas (who runs the official Lenny Mclean website) to share some stories about the late Guv’nor Lenny Maclean for a follow up to his book, ‘Lenny McLean, through the eye’s of others’. Here’s a little blurb from the last book… Lenny McLean was a fighter, actor, hard man, and legend. One of the most notorious figures ever to emerge from the East End of London, he had a reputation that was held dear by his friends and associates and feared by his enemies. This work is a compilation of stories and memories from those whose knew him...

John Campbell-Mac Lenny McLean

I have never met Anthony but I knew Lenny, I loved his work in 'Lock Stock and too Smoking Barrels', he was never anything but respectful, charming and very supportive of what Chico and I were trying to do back then and that was break into the music industry, I liked him, I’m flattered to be approached by Anthony and I’m happy to contribute. So here’s a little taste…I used to train at a gym in Greenwich (South East London) called Slim Gyms which used to be above Iceland’s supermarket on Trafalgar road.

It was a rough and ready gym with a great vibe and a mix of everything from boxers and bodybuilders to regular guys putting in a decent workout and even a few actors and models between the working class types. Every type of people, all ages, colors and creeds what a great place it was. I first met Lenny around 1992… I’m afraid that’s all folks, I have a few excellent funny stories but I promised Anthony I wouldn’t give to much away here so you will have to wait for the book. 

John Campbell-Mac Blood Sweat and too Many Tears

Lastly while on the writing vibe I have been doing a little work on the screenplay for ‘Blood Sweat and too Many Tears’, more of this later but it is starting to get in really good shape, so it’s fair to say the last couple of weeks in the little free time I have had I have been er… writing ha ha more or which coming in two weeks…….