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Crossroads, Courage, Wedded Bliss and the Oscars John Campbell-Mac Blog March 4th 2013


From Crossroads

Funny, If last month was house problem month then February was all about car problems. Fortunately I have a great mechanic and now things seem to be running smoothly. 

Crossroads almost finished

So I worked on a very cool action crime feature called Crossroads with talented director Rydell Danzie and Ynot Sin Pelo Productions. I spoke with him recently and he let me know the project is nearing the end of the post production process, I’m looking forward to seeing what Rydell has done with it and Y-Not.

Courage, New Hampshire on K.V.C.R

So Courage just played on K.V.C.R as a four part one hour per episode mini series. It received great reviews and to quote the producers Colony Bay ‘doubled it’s audience from episode one to two and we are told that it was one of the largest audiences for locally-introduced programming in KVCR history’. So have no fear more Courage is on the way, I don’t know the full details of the next episode but part of the story line is going to be on the high sea. I have my fingers crossed that Captain Cressy morphs into Jack Sparrow to become the scourge of the red coats and the seven sea’s me hearties eh aha, getting carried away but am looking forward to the next episode.     

Second anniversary

I celebrated my second wedding anniversary with my lovely wife. I love being married, wow I never imagined myself saying that. When someone said to me ‘I’m getting married’ as a young man I genuinely thought Why would you want to do that? Well they say with age comes wisdom, I’m not sure about that but what I am sure is about is I love being married and everything it stands for, 2 years in I’m obviously an expert ha ha, here’s to the next 50.

The Oscars

Well did your favorite film win the Oscar? Daniel Day Lewis winning best actor, was it really in question? Seth Macfarlane hero or villain roasted a few peeps for sure but did you really expect any thing else? Personally I enjoyed it and Hollywood around Oscar time is fun fun fun. Lots of pre and post Oscar parties and I was fortunate enough to enjoy a few of them. A good friend on mine actor Marcus Gibson came over for his birthday and to enjoy the festivities. Funny we met 20 years ago when we had been hired to play a prank on a South London face during a birthday meal at a restaurant in Blackheath. Funny thinking about it might have been my first paid acting gig. Well we were posing as a tax inspector and a plane clothes police officer and lets just say the crowd would not have looked out of place in a Guy Ritchie movie. At one point just before we hand - cuffed the guy the crowd were turning dark when Marcus pulled out a fake badge and said ‘Oi listen, I’m your worst nightmare, a black guy with a badge’  Wow, I thought I had met Axel Foley, we became firm friends and he still has me laughing 20 years on. The prank victim was not laughing when we let him go but that’s another story.


This weeks quote ‘A true friend is one who walks in when everyone else is walking out'. Cherish your friends, until next time.