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Courage Premiere, Tony Scott, Bunny World Foundation and Kelly Avenue Catholic House John Campbell-Mac blog August 24 2012

John Campbell-Mac Courage premiere

Courage New, Hampshire – Ambition premiere Invite

A message from Writer / Director James Patrick Riley of Courage, New Hampshire 'JC Mac fans -- this chapter's premiere will be at a fun, elegant theater in Old Town Pasadena. It's a great party, and a great chance to talk to JC -- a true craftsman!' For tickets see

So looking forward to the premiere of Courage, New Hampshire and the after party have no doubt it will be a lot of fun. Amazed how quickly the guys at Colony Bay have completed the post production, they have three editors working on it at the same time, impressive. Can’t wait to see what they have done on this outstanding period drama as well as reconnecting with the cast and crew who are attending. Maybe see you there? There are a few tickets still available to the general public so if you come along be sure to come and find me and say hi.

​Tony Scott R.I.P

​The film industry lost one of the greats with the sad passing of director Tony Scott. Had the pleasure of meeting him around a year ago, only spoke with him for 5 minutes but he was totally charming, very real and seemed a really nice genuine man. My condolences and prayers go out to his family at this sad time

Kelly Avenue Catholic Worker.

So what am I currently working on ? you may ask, action movie, drama, comedy? Funny how life can sometimes pull you in a certain direction it often leaves me thinking “Wow I never saw that coming”.  Seems the theme of this weeks blog is charity simply because that’s what’s been going on in my life. I was approached by a producer to help with a voice over for a coming documentary about Kelly Avenue Catholic worker. It’s a great cause and kind of out reach program that helps homeless and under privileged people in Half Moon Bay in California.

So anyway long story short myself and a friend wrote an introduction to the coming documentary to high light the work they do there, not sure If I’m gonna voice it yet (might need an American feel) but will post the doc when it is done.


So here’s where I lose all tough guy credibility (If I ever had any) very sad to say my wife’s pet bunny Meatballs died last week. I had to break the news to her and she was beyond devastated, really was a tough moment. Meatballs was such an affectionate loveable little character and really was a member of our family now sadly missed. A friend summed it up perfectly when she said this to my wife, “I’m so sad, your bunny was magical and now I guess there’s a little less magic in the world”, thanks Jackie.

 A few days after losing Meatballs we were watching TV when an NBC news report came on. Investigative reporter Anna Garcia exposed the sale and mistreatment of baby Rabbits in Downtown L.A’s Santee Alley.  These rabbits are sold by unscrupulous street vendors to unsuspecting buyers who are told they are dwarf rabbits. The truth is they are only days old and not fully developed and most often die the next day. The animals are mistreated and far too young to be removed from their mothers and are susceptible to disease from this abuse. Here’s a link to the piece!/on-air/as-seen-on/Investigation--Unhealthy-Bunnies-for-Sale-in-LAs-Fashion-District/166079596

Bunny World Foundation

Stephanie’s ears pricked up as we watched, there really is no excuse for mistreating animals and we decided to try to help. Featured in the report was Lejla  Hadzimuratovic who has set up a volunteer group that rescue, treat, heal and find homes for these poor little creatures. Lejla really is the bunny whisperer, she’s a lady with a big heart and the work that Bunny World Foundation is doing is inspirational.  Check out for more information, they are in desperate need of help both financial and in the form of volunteers and families to take in these rabbits as fosters or to adopt. They have a fun Facebook page with lots of pics of the bunnies they are helping see

​Adopt some Bunnies, you know you want to!

Stephanie now volunteers and helps clean, groom and play with the bunnies at one of the bigger foster homes and we are taking in 4 bunnies which she is really excited about, you may recognize one of them.

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