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Courage premiere party, Chico Crazy, Dolphin Malibu Wedding and The Space shuttles last flight John Campbell-Mac blog Sept 23, 2012


John Campbell-Mac interview premiere Courage, New Hampshire

Courage, New Hampshire Premiere

Just had too much fun at the Courage, New Hampshire Ambition premiere. After spending time with Jim Riley and his wonderful cast and crew on set it was really nice to just kick back and enjoy the show and see everyone let their hair down. The show certainly didn’t disappoint and was warmly received by the audience. The production values on this period piece are incredible and there were a couple of stand out performances that I think you will enjoy (no not me, but I like the way you think ha ha).  John Campbell-Mac, Stephanie Doughty

Did some press interviews after with my partner in crime Chris MacDonnell and the funny Jim Tavare and super talented Basil Hoffman, fair to say everyone had a great night. I believe episode 4 Ambition will be available to watch on DVD and pay per view at in about a month. 

Chico Crazy

Chico Slimani, Crazy

Chico has been busy with the Dancing on Ice tour and I’m sure you are aware will be playing Prince charming in Cinderella in Swansea in December. A couple of years ago we filmed a video for a potential new single Crazy, Dan Shipton the director did a really great job, I was really pleased with the end result and thought I would share it with you here see 

Malibu Wedding



Went to an amazing wedding in Malibu. Some very close friends decided to tie the knot and really did it style, on the beach in Malibu. It really was a lovely service, the rabbi was funny and even dolphins and pelicans showed up it was a day to remember. Congratulations Alex and Olga. Crazy fun reception that evening think these photo-booth pics say it all.


Space shuttles final flight

The world watched as the space shuttle Endeavour took it’s final flight piggy backing on a Boeing 747. L.A was really into it with thousands of people camped out from the early hours at the Griffith Observatory overlooking the city and the nearby Hollywood sign. Cars were parked bumper-to-bumper up the winding roads leading up to the observatory and this picture is just too cool right.

This weeks quote 'Reach for the moon. even if you miss you'll land amongst the stars'. Never give up on your dreams, you never know they might just come true.