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Courage, New Hampshire, Tragic Batman shootings and The Olympics London 2012 John Campbell-Mac Blog August 5, 2012


John Campbell-Mac Courage Captain Daniel Cressy

Courage, New Hampshire

I have been working on the excellent pre-revolution period drama Courage, New Hampshire and what a pleasure it was. Arriving at Riley's Farm which is nothing short of breath taking what impressed me the most was the spirit of collaboration with so many people working away at their given tasks doing an outstanding job and obviously having fun. Incredible attention to detail on costumes, arms, set’s, locations and just about everything else.

Without giving too much away I play militia Captain Daniel Cressy and for a little taste of the show take a look at this behind the scenes video

James Patrick Riley and the Courage team have created something very special and I was fortunate to witness some incredible performances from some very gifted actors. Napoleon Ryan who plays the Governor was simply outstanding, Jim Tavare of Harry Potter fame is just the perfect villain and Basil Hoffman who needs no introduction (loved him in the academy award winning The Artist) was very generous with his advice, never treated me as anything less than an equal (loved him for that) and kept me entertained between takes with wonderful stories from the movies and greats he has worked with.  

John Campbell-Mac Captain Cressy Courage, New Hampshire

The Dark Knight Rises

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and familes of the tragic Aurora shooting, can’t imagine what it must have been like to be caught in that terrible situation or what they are going through now so very very sad.  Now I have finished filming I can’t wait to see Christopher Nolans final film in his Batman trilogy. Gary Oldman, Michael Cain, Christian Bale and Tom Hardy make you proud to be British.

London Olympics 2012

Speaking of proud to be British I’m just catching up with the Olympics. What an incredible opening ceremony starring the Queen and James Bond! Who could ask for more? Congratulations Danny Boyle. Would have been great to have been there, unfortunately filming schedule didn't allow, went to Athens 2008 but trying to catch as much as I can on the TV. What an incredible achievement by the British team, huge congratulations to one and all, I think my favorite performance has to be Jessica Ennis in the Heptathlon. As I write this I see that Andy Murray won gold against Roger Federer in the tennis final and we are 3rd in the medal standings only behind the two huge nations USA and China. We really are GREAT Britain.

This weeks Quote 'Impossible is nothing, just do it' inspired by the UK Olympic team (with a little help from Adidas and Nike ha ha).