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Courage, New Hampshire, Euro Football 2012, weather hot, hot, hot John Campbell-Mac blog June 24 2012


So summer is definitely here and LA is hot-ting up in more ways than one. Seem to be a lot more projects being cast right now judging by how many more casting opportunities I have had, and the weather? Well you just gotta love it, sun, sun and more sun which reminds me where did I leave my flip flops ? ha ha

Courage, New Hampshire

I’m very happy to announce I have joined the cast of period drama Courage, New Hampshire. A very cool project, excellent writing and looking forward to filming my first scenes next month. It’s set in America in the years leading up to the America’s independence but here’s a better description from the producers Colony Bay. “Courage, New Hampshire is the chronicle of a shire town on the western border of New Hampshire. Starting with the winter of 1770, we will be telling the seasonal story of the great events of the era, as seen from a country town distant from the colonial capitals. Each new season of this decade, will take the audience on the road to revolution, along with the citizens of “Courage.”

Captain Cressy

My character is introduced in episode 4 ‘Ambition” I have been cast in the role of militia Captain Cressy, without giving to much away Cressy is a hardened militia Captain from a neighboring township and… well I guess you will just have to watch for yourself. For a taste of the project please see The first 3 episodes of this mini series are available to watch online and on DVD.

Looking forward to it, as different from anything else I have done before and can’t wait to wear one of those period wigs! I would like to give a shout out to my friend Chris Macdonnell, he recommended me for the initial audition which led to me landing the role. I’m a big fan of his work, great actor and well known face on British TV so nice one Chris thanks mate.

​Euro 2012

It’s been a busy period, lot’s of auditions and did a little work on a credit card commercial, was fun to work at Universal Studio’s. How about England in Euro 2012. Through to the quarter finals, loved the game with Sweden and what a heart stopper with Italy. My heart was in my mouth and then to go to penalties, for a minute I thought we were gonna make a robbery but alas was not meant to be. I thought Italy played the better football but England defended like heroes, enjoyed the game, not so much the result.


This weeks quote "He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything" ​So true health is our greatest wealth and on that note I'm off to the gym.