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Courage Network Premiere, Lee Rigby, B.A.F.T.A. LA Garden Party John Campbell-Mac Blog June 8 2013

Courage, New Hampshire on national TV

Courage New Hampshire made it’s network debut on the INSP cable TV network. It was on over a 4 hour marathon on memorial day (May 27).Such a great piece of work, the American downtown Abbey with many stand out performances. The producers threw a big party up at Rileys Farm the location of Jim Rileys exceptional period drama and I have to say a good time was had by all. Picture above is taken from the networks website with a little back story about my character. My great friend and father in law Adrian Doughty was visiting from London and helped me celebrate. He’s a stand up comedian and had us all in fits, to see more of his work visit

As always the hospitality was over whelming and was fun to be on national TV across America, Jim, Jonathan, Frances and everyone involved thoroughly deserve all the success the show is having. When is the next season you ask? An official announcement is coming soon.


R.I.P Drummer Lee Rigby


I was saddened, shocked and horrified at the news of the senseless murder of Lee Rigby in Woolwich as was the rest of the world. I’m very familiar with that part of London and have driven passed that spot many times. My thoughts and prayers go out to his poor family and hope his murderers get prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


B.A.F.T.A LA Garden Party

"John Campbell-Mac" B.A.F.T.A LA

Had lots of fun at the B.A.F.T.A garden party with old friends and new. .Here’s Stephanie stealing the show on the red carpet, you would never have guessed she had just polished off shepherds pie, fish and chips and apple crumble with ice cream! Great event and really enjoyed meeting talented director Ian Vernon. Love the dark comedy of his past projects including ‘The Best Little Whore house in Rochdale’, very British humor and wishing him every success on his latest feature The War I Knew, latest trailer here


This weeks quote “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice”