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Broke as a Joke, Santa fighting with Big Bird and Idris Elba’s Luther John Campbell-Mac Blog July 15, 2012


Broke as a Joke

Attended the first industry screening of TV pilot “Broke as a Joke’ and laughed my … er socks off. Big congratulations to director Aaron Pugliese, and producers Emily A Kim and David Lee McInnis, great job on the post production, the project has come a long way from when we filmed it over a year ago.

From the producers website 'BROKE AS A JOKE : A multi-cultural house comedy about broke adults living in an urban "intentional" community. While it's true money can't buy true love, it's sure needed to go 100% organic grass-fed Fair Trade!'

I had a lot of fun playing the hippy head of the household  The Carpenter, it took me a full month to grow the beard, to watch a trailer  pilot see

There were a lot of very talented people involved, really funny comedy actors and we were in stitches during the filming, with Aaron describing this as a side splitting new age American take on ‘The Young Ones’

Dive Bar Diva’s

Too funny, had to share this bar story from a bar I was in a few nights back. So a dispute breaks out over of all things a song being played on the juke box between a very tall middle aged lady, her companion a whited bearded gentlemen and a tattooed young man and both groups of friends. It started to get very heated and when I noticed it, seemed like 30 – 40 people in the bar were facing off with a western type bar brawl about to erupt. Trying to keep the peace I made my way to the middle of the fracus where a very angry man (who happened to be the brother of a friend of mine) was threatening to knock the heads together of said tall lady and gentlemen. It was comical from where I was standing so I pulled him to one side and said ‘look what your doing, you about to get into a fight with Father Christmas and Big Bird”

It really was a moment, thankfully he saw the funny side and peace resumed. Even funnier when I spoke to his brother the next day he told me his side of the story, he said “I came out of the rest room and saw my brother being shaken by a 7 foot woman and thought what the hell is going on” I’m still chuckling about it now


Luther, Idris Elba

In case you haven’t seen it what an excellent British drama Luther is. I just watched the first series and was blown away with the writing, acting and to be honest everything about it. Idris Elba won a golden Globe for his performance and deservedly so. Love this trailer check out

Congrats to Anton Saunders, he’s the bad guy is scene one episode one, we did some workshops together at The Actors Centre in London, great work.

This weeks quote 'We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give' be good to each other people, laters