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Bounty hunters, BAFTA, Chico at Buckingham Palace and the Queens Jubilee John Campbell-Mac Blog June 4 2012



Had some good industry meetings this week, auditions seem to be picking up after the odd lull that seems to happen after pilot season.

New bounty hunter project

I just signed on for a Bounty hunter project, can’t say too much except there’s two bounty hunters and one of them is British! So I’m gonna let you work it out ha ha, some great talent involved so looking forward to this one.

John Campbell-Mac The transporter

B.A.F.T.A Los Angeles

Attended the BAFTA Los Angeles 25 year anniversary garden party in Bel Air, was a really great well organized event. Fun to see so many Brits in funny self made hats chugging tequila while scoffing fish and chips, shepherds pies and bangers and mash (catering was awesome) or maybe that was just me, had a blast and always good to catch up with friends I haven’t seen for a while.  

Queens Diamond Jubilee

Was in conjunction with the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebration, 60 years on the throne that really is an incredible achievement. Looks like the UK has been involved in one huge celebration and God bless the Queen that really is a life time of service, this picture made me laugh courtesy of Brits in LA.

​Chico and the royals

Chico found himself at Buckingham palace with all his Dancing on Ice colleagues.

dancing on ice buckingham palace

He was thrilled to be there and made me smile remembering the last time he was with the royals. Here's a picture of him sharing a joke with Prince Charles and Ozzy Osbourne from the Princes's Trust 30 year celebration. Prince Charming with the Prince of Darkness and the Prince of Wales.


This weeks quote, "What's the point of having dreams if not to live them" ​Go find your dream and have fun doing it