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Birthday, Green Card, Awards, Meisner and Santa Barbara John Campbell-Mac blog March 2015

Immigration Game 'John Campbell-Mac'

It’s been a minute since I was on here, so where do I begin.

Riviera Mayer, Mexico for my birthday

Had an incredible birthday, went to Riviera Maya with Stephanie as a surprise birthday gift from her and had a whale of a time. From negotiating abseiling from the top of the forest canopy to diving and swimming in Canutes, it’s fair to say we really had an incredible time.  Great hotel, great service they even surprised us with a birthday cake, balloons and champagne.

Green Card

Another birthday gift, which finally came literally on my birthday was my green card. About a year longer than expected but happy to say it arrived. Anyone who has lived through the uncertainty of their visa status will tell you it haunts your every waking hour. A relief and truly a cause for celebration.

Spanners wins it's first award

Congratulations to writer / director Jonathan Maas and producer David Keith. Spanners has already won it's first award. Best Scyfy feature at the Hollywood Reel Independent film festival

Well done lads thoroughly deserved, great Indy feature and i really enjoyed my time on it. I attended the festival along with Shawn Christian, to help promote the film, it was a really fun event at L.A Live.

Roly goes to Hollywood

Had some good friends move to LA, here we are doing a little kick boxing and boxing on the beach, bang it Roly, nice one Vinny. Wishing these lads every success as they represent Rekordlig Cider in the USA.

I managed to get Roly his first acting role in Hollywood (sure it won’t be the last), in this years Spirit of the Toscar awards. He played a playboy in the Parody of American Sniper, Amercin Snapper. His performance was so dynamic he managed to give someone a heart attack but more of that later.

Immigration Game

I played the Matthew Goode role of Hugh in the Immigration game, a parody of the Imitation Game. I literally went straight from L.A.X to the final meeting and began shooting the next day. Chris Devlin did an excellent job directing and it was a pleasure to work with Michelle Bonilla in the Keira Knightley role and Matt Crabtree who was hilarious as Alan Cummings. In true Toscar spirit the whole team were great and I think the end result was a quality fun little film. So on the awards night itself while Roland was on screen Ray a member of the audience was having a very real problem. I don’t know him but he actually went into full cardiac arrest. It was very surreal. I have to say the emergency services did an excellent job and responded almost immediately. Before they arrived the poor victim was helped by Brits in LA member Michael Enright and Craig Robert Young. I hear he is now making a full recovery. 

Ruskin Group Theater

I had the pleasure of meeting John Ruskin of the Ruskin theatre group and school of acting. He was the direct apprentice of Sanford Meisner and teaches this incredible technique. I studied Meisner 15 years ago in London but this is directly from the source. John taught at the Neiborhood Playhouse for many years before setting up his own school in LA. Always wanting to keep sharp and on my game I thought I would find a decent scene study class. Before leaving the UK I heard about a school where Sir Anthony Hopkins was teaching, well this is it. I figured that if it was good enough for Sir Anthony it was good enough for me. We have a mixed group within the class, some very experienced people and some relative new comers, all new to this technique. I gotta say I was only enquiring about the master scene class but was so impressed by john I find myself turning up week after week and looking forward to it. There is some very brave and incredible work within the class and reminds me why I started acting..

Santa Barbara

Slipped away for a fun weekend with the wife to the Four Seasons in Santa Barbara. I have to say one of my favorite hotel chains and never a disappointment. The manager Steve was incredibly gracious and really had a good time there. If you find your self here be sure to check out the Casino. Steeped in history this rat pack hangout, you will not be disappointed.


Lastly, this made me smile, while working out in the gym in Hollywood an actress I worked on a film with over 10 years ago in the UK walked past me. I recognized her and called out hello. She was like O hi, then promptly left. No wow can’t believe your here, or hey lets have a coffee and catch up or fancy bumping into you, nothing. I think I might have seen her on a soap or something so now is obviously too important to chat with me ha ha. People never cease to amaze me, I have a friend who is currently casting a decent picture she would be perfect for, lets just say I won’t be making the introduction. 


On a far more positive note here's this weeks quote, stay with it you might just be a hairs breath away from your dreams.