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Artifact Red, LA Talk Radio, Chunkee and Petco Commercial John Campbell-Mac Blog October 21 2013

New Headshots

It’s been an interesting period, things seem to be hott-ing up right now in Hollywood guess with the start of the fall (Autumn) TV programming season there are more new shows, opportunities and auditions.

In preparation and anticipation of this I did a photo shoot with a friend of mine Evan Duning at his studio in downtown, The Dream Factory LA. Accused of being that somber man thought I would go for some smiley commercial pictures. Evans great we were happy with the results, 2 hours later here’s one of the shots we got.

John Campbell-Mac

Artifact Red

I’ve secured a leading role in the action adventure movie Artifact Red. Great feel good vibe and already have a good relationship with the director/creator John Barge 3rd who describes the film as Lethal Weapon meets Indiana Jones. We did some photo’s for press purposes with Al Cattouse who plays my partner in crime in this love hate Bromance, here's a brief synopsis from the producers. 'Two very different archeologists one American and one English are deputized by the U.S. Department of State and the United Nations in a joint global law enforcement division of “retrieval experts” these Special Agents are called RED AGENTS. Their job is to avert and retrieve the illicit and illegal trafficking of Red Listed Endangered Objects and Life Species of the World from the underbelly of the global black market.' John is a brilliant artist and here is a taste of some of the concept art he is doing for the film.


Mother Love, LA Talk Radio

John, Al myself and brilliant stunt woman/actress  Melissa Tracy had the pleasure of doing an interview with the lovely Mother Love on LA Talk Radio. It really was alot of fun and Mother Love is not only a larger than life character and solid pro but a joy to be around, you can here the interview here, go to October 10th

Chunky Monkey takes a shot at stardom.

So my wife’s bunny Chunky Monkey had his first audition. A national Petco commercial. So you have to picture it, I’m driving through Hollywood giving the rabbit some acting advice, sit up straight, speak clearly, hit you're your mark and look your acting partner (me) in the eye and tell the truth ha ha Was fun to get in the room and Chunky was a star. Anyway the next day the casting director calls me directly to tell me we are on avail. No call back but straight to avail amazing. So anyone not familiar with the process normally a breakdown comes out then you are submitted amongst thousands. If the casting director likes the look of you, you get an audition. Then if it goes well you get a callback (second audition) then if your still in the running you might get asked back again or you are penciled for the job(put on avail) which basically means you hold the dates and are almost there, down to perhaps the last 2 or 3 awaiting the final choice. I had friends in town from the UK which I’ll come too, we had planned a trip out of LA for a few days that all had to be changed around this job. Then the night before the commercial is scheduled to shoot we get the email, short, polite but sincere ‘They have chosen their cast and it was a tough decision. You guys came close and did a great job but can release the dates, hopefully we can book you on another job.” Disappointment but just another day in Hollywood, Chunky wasn’t too fazed he said ah, we’ll get the next one, he’s happy just as long as the carrots and almonds keep coming.

John Campbell-Mac chunky monkey

Catching up with friends new and old.

Had me old mate Jason Lee Hyde in town along with Andy Watts. Had a riot catching up with this dynamic duo all over LA. Had plenty of adventures already with Jason including 3 films we have done together, he’s such a funny man and we just play off our friendship on screen, here’s something to make you smile the trailer from the last project we did together Hit The Big Time

Got to know Andy a little, great feller and enjoyed revisiting Hollywood with him. He was last here 16 years ago as part of a band called The Sea Horses; they recorded their platinum selling album here, come back soon lads miss you already.

You can check out Andy's music here

This week’s quote ‘He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything’.