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Read British Actor, John Campbell-Mac's official blog... He was also known as JC Mac in the past...

Birthday, Green Card, Awards, Meisner and Santa Barbara John Campbell-Mac blog March 2015

Immigration Game 'John Campbell-Mac'

It’s been a minute since I was on here, so where do I begin.

Riviera Mayer, Mexico for my birthday

Pilot season, Las Vegas, Spanners, Terranea, LA Car Show, Christmas and New Year John Campbell-Mac blog January 5th 2015

Well let me start by wishing one and all a very happy and healthy 2015 filled with love and laughter. I love this time of year, a time for refection and anticipation of what’s to come.

Head shot 2015 "John Campbell-Mac"

Pilot Season

New Reel, Movie Art, B.A.F.T.A, BMW and Fun in the Sun John Campbell-Mac Blog October 2014

Wow October already and Hollywood Halloween is almost upon us, always a crazy time. It’s been a fun summer, worked on some cool projects, attended some great events and even managed to take a few trips.

New Theatrical Reel

New Beginnings, The Bouncer, New Representation, James Van Alden and Dave Legano John Campbell-Mac blog July 2014

James Van Alden "John Campbell-Mac"

Greetings from a very hot Los Angeles on this summers day, birds are singing, the sun is shining did I mention it was HOT! So the whirlwind continues this year so far has been a flyer. 

Green Card and commercials

British Hustle, UK Wedding, Ron Jeremy, Music, Storms and Awards John Campbell-Mac blog April 2014

What an incredible couple of months I have had, hardly time to catch my breath let alone write a blog, so where to begin.

Winning a Toscar "John Campbell-Mac"

British Hustle

Halloween, Brittania Awards, Winner Takes All, Reap Magazine interview and Chunky gets an agent John Campbell-Mac blog December 14th 2013

Brittania Awards "John Campbell-Mac"


Halloween what a crazy time in Hollywood, the Americans really go all out with the fancy dress costumes, A+ for effort. I went to a great party with the wifey as Alice in Wonderland and the White Rabbit.  Organized by Brits in LA it’s fair to say a good time was had by all, too much fun.

Artifact Red, LA Talk Radio, Chunkee and Petco Commercial John Campbell-Mac Blog October 21 2013

New Headshots

It’s been an interesting period, things seem to be hott-ing up right now in Hollywood guess with the start of the fall (Autumn) TV programming season there are more new shows, opportunities and auditions.

Futch Tube, Stay in the Car, American Love Wheel, B.A.F.T.A L.A Student film awards and Sacramento John Campbell-Mac Blog August 22 2013

"Leila Birch" "Eastenders" "John Campbell-Mac"

Futch Tube

Not been on here for a while it’s been a very busy period, I worked on Scyfy comedy series Futch Tube. The final two episodes of season one are now available to watch online see