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John Campbell-Mac's Bio

John Cambell-Mac British Actor in HollywoodJohn Campbell-Mac, is a B.A.F.T.A nominated multi award winning British actor and producer based in Hollywood. Born in London, his acting talent first came to the attention of his school teachers. He was regularly the principal character in school plays and later amateur theater productions.John Campbell-Mac headshot LA 2012 Hollywood

Upon leaving school he worked in construction, as a fitness instructor, model, dancer and as a professional boxer and continued his training in martial arts including Thai boxing, Karate and Taekwondo and still currently trains with Grand Master​ Byong Yu.

He then undertook extensive acting training at 'The City Literature Institute', 'The Impulse theatre Company (Meisner)' and 'The Actors Centre' London and has been working regularly for the last 12 years in many award winning movies see IMDB.

John Campbell-Mac has starred in several cool British feature films, including '10 Dead Men', 'Stagknight', 'New Town Original' and 'Requiem for Tomorrow' that was shot entirely using CGI technology in Bavaria Germany and not to mention B.A.F.T.A nominated 'Winner Takes All' which he also wrote and produced.

John Campbell-Mac in Winner Takes All BAFTA nominated Wales EnglandJohn Campbell-Mac attended the Cannes film festival in 2009 to help promote three films that he was starring in showing there. Including the multi award winning '45',British Actor John Campbell-Mac JC Mac in 45 with Chico Slimani and Adrian Doughty  'Left Holding Baby' and the political thriller '31 North 62 East' which also stars John Rhys-Davies and Mariner Sirtis. This eagerly awaited Special Forces political feature was theatrically released to rave reviews. 

John then relocated to Hollywood, as this was the optimum time to take the next step in his career and continues mastering his craft with Hollywood's most respected coaches including Ivana Chubbuck, Margie Haber and accent expert Bob Corff. He is currently working with entertainment coach Paul Duddridge and John Ruskin one of Sandford Meisners own teachers from the neighborhood playhouse.

Recent feature film 'LA Paranormal' in which he stars as playboy psychic John London was shot with no scripted dialogue in the style of 'This is Spinal Tap' and relied heavily on the skills of the lead actors; this project was later developed into a TV series and can be viewed on Koldcast TV. HeBritish Actor John Campbell-Mac JC Mac in Starpower directed by James Van Alden also recently played the lead in the hit-man comedy series 'Hit The Big Time' which was filmed in Hollywood, Las Vegas, London and Utah and the gritty British gangster feature 'Butterflies and Bullets'. 

John Campbell-Mac has had an incredible first couple of years in Hollywood, a few highlights from year one was booking thriller 'Visible Scars' with Tom Sizemore, TBritish Actor John Campbell-Mac JC Mac in Broke as a Joke180 / Disney's 'Electric Spoofaloo', outrageous comedy 'LA Paranormal' and psychological thriller 'You Kill Me'. He's second year was even bigger, starring in the Scyfy action comedy series Futch Tube and having recently completed back to back the features 'Crossroads', 'Meaning' and the award winning 'Spanners' with Shawn Christian. 

John recently filmed the TV pilot 'Broke As A Joke' displaying his natural flair for comedy and is currently working with respected Hollywood director James Van Alden playing the lead role of Charles Burns in the thriller 'Star Power' a very Hollywood story. He just won best supporting actor at the star studded Toscar awards at Hollywood's Egyptian theater and wrote and recorded the soundtrack for British Hustle that he also starred in. The soundtrack is available on iTunes and the video for the lead track 'Get Down' stars adult film legend Ron Jeremy (with his clothes on) doing a dancing celebrity turn

alongside JBritish Actor John Campbell-Mac JC MAC LA Paranormal the series posterohn. John is also a series regular in the exceptional independent pre American revolution period drama Courage, New Hampshire, he plays veteran militia captain Daniel Cressy. Season one is

Courage "John Campbell-Mac"currently airing on PBS and the producers Colony Bay are in pre-production for season two.